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White Kite

Swans 7-Inch Vinyl (Signed)

7 Inch €4.99

Release Date: 03/03/2017

Discs: 1

Bringing together infectious pop hooks with a wash of synthesizers, drum machines and heavy guitars, ‘Swans’ is a brooding, experimental pop single announcing a bold new talent/

White Kite is the brainchild of Louis Shadwick, who wrote and produced ‘Swans’ in the flat and home studio he shares in London with twins Tom and Will Dunning (guitar and bass). Shadwick explains that the track is “about trying to choose between two different kinds of love... how the grass always seems greener when desire takes over, and how you try to justify that weakness to yourself".

Best Fit, who describe it as "a heady concoction, with super-smooth vocals and fingerclicks flitting about above a mercury-like melee of synths and melody... The end is result is simply stunning." ‘Swans’ was mixed by Matt Wiggins at The Church Studios, Crouch End.

Fusing a variety of genres to create contemporary pop with real feeling and atmosphere, White Kite’s sound feels fresh and ambitious, having a nostalgic vibe that harks back to classic synth music from the 70s and 80s.

Formed in 2016, White Kite’s origins go back to their teens, when Louis met Tom Dunning and they formed a close friendship based on their shared passion for alt-rock and electronic music. Jamming together at every spare moment, they were joined by Tom’s brother Will on bass, with drummer Andrew Wildgoose recently completing the line-up. With their blend of "gloriously 80’s-esque songwriting” and “modern production stylings" (Crack In The Road), White Kite is without a doubt one of the most compelling new acts to watch in 2017.

1. Swans
2. Curtain Call